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The Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner at a glance

Innovative inflight entertainment

An award-winning iTouch innovative touch screen control unit debuts on Qatar Airways’ Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The dual-screen interface allows passengers in all classes to multi-task, for example playing a game or emailing on the handheld device while watching a movie on their personal screen.

Onboard Wi-Fi in all classes means business travellers can stay connected to clients and colleagues, and holidaymakers can stay connected to friends and family through social networks, allowing them to share memories from their travels before they get home. Passengers also have access to 1,000 movie, programming and audio entertainment options, an iPort, USB port, and a remote data outlet.

Lower cabin altitude

The Dreamliner’s cabin is pressurised to a new maximum level of 6,000 feet – 2,000 feet lower than most other aircraft. Altitude chamber tests show that because the body absorbs eight per cent more oxygen into the blood at this altitude, passengers experience fewer headaches and less dizziness and fatigue.

Smoother flying

The Dreamliner’s dramatically improved cabin pressure, air quality, and smoother handling will result in a more comfortable journey for passengers in Business and Economy.

Quieter cabin

Many of the usual interior sounds are minimised with quieter air conditioning, interior materials reduce squeaks and interior design reduces vibrations.

Cleaner air

Fresh air is introduced into the cabin via air scoops on the side of the fuselage. Newly introduced on the 787, an additional gaseous filtration system also removes odours, irritants and gaseous contaminants, some of the primary contributors to throat, eye and nose irritation for passengers. More moisture in the air will help skin, eyes, lips, and noses to feel more comfortable.

Unobstructed views

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner features large dimmable windows, more than 30 per cent bigger than other similarly sized airplanes and larger than anything offered by other commercial jetliners giving all passengers a good view outside. The windows are not built with conventional shades but instead, passengers can regulate the intensity of light coming through their windows with the touch of a button allowing passengers to change the tint of the window from fully transparent to completely dimmed.

Dynamic cabin lighting

The spacious look and feel of the cabin is enhanced by dynamic mood lighting: more than 20 specially tailored scenes to help your body clock adjust to crossing different time zones using the latest LED technology.

Spacious cabins

The architecture of the Dreamliner is designed with room for passengers to actually move about the cabin with a spacious feeling interior. The plane is designed with welcoming entryways, larger windows, vaulted ceilings and sidewalls are more vertical for better shoulder and headroom.

Environmentally cleaner and quieter

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is the environmental leader among airplanes. It consumes 20% less fuel and produces 20% lower CO 2 emissions. The Dreamliner is much quieter for the communities it flies over, and boasts a more efficient use of the planet’s resources than its predecessors during manufacturing.

Larger overhead bins

The Dreamliner has big overhead luggage bins – 30% larger than the industry standard. They close up and away, leaving more overhead space and minimising the need to store bags beneath the seat.

Get there faster

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is the first commercial aircraft to be built primarily of composite materials, reducing weight and operating costs.

Notes to Editors
One of the world’s fastest growing airlines, Qatar Airways currently operates a modern fleet of 115 aircraft flying to 122 key business and leisure destinations worldwide.

Since the beginning of 2012, Qatar Airways has launched flights to 12 new destinations, including Kigali (Rwanda); Erbil (Iraq), Baghdad (Iraq), Perth (Australia), Kilimanjaro (Tanzania); Yangon (Myanmar), Maputo (Mozambique); Belgrade (Serbia) and Warsaw (Poland).

Over the next few weeks and months, Qatar Airways will launch services to a diverse portfolio of new routes, including Gassim, Saudi Arabia (7 January 2013); Najaf, Iraq (January 23); Phnom Penh, Cambodia (February 20); Chengdu, China (March 19); Chicago, USA (April 10); and Salalah, Oman (May 22).

Qatar Airways currently has orders worth over US$50 billion for more than 250 aircraft, including Boeing 787s, 777s, Airbus A350s, A380s and A320 Family of aircraft. In addition to winning Skytrax’s prestigious Airline of the Year 2011 and 2012, Qatar Airways was named Best Airline in the Middle East for the seventh year in a row. In October 2012, Qatar Airways became the first of the major Gulf carriers to officially join a global alliance having been invited into the oneworld group. For more information, visit

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